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This is Your exclusive Opportunity To...

Build Your Dream Life

...I am personally Inviting you to be join this elite group of entrepreneurs

Get the coaching you need, the support, the network and the tools & systems To Build your dream business

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If You Want To Rapidly And Predictably Scale Your Revenue and It's Sustainability By Working Directly Me (Theo Godson) and Other High Achieving Entrepreneurs, Then The MDJ Mastermind Is For You!

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What Is The MDJ Mastermind?

As you probably saw from the awesome video above, the MDJ Mastermind, is an elite group of like-minded entrepreneurs who are deliberate about their entrepreneurial journeys, down "in the trenches" doing the work, taking full responsibility for their outcomes and creating the dream life they truly deserve!

And I want YOU to be a part of this exclusive group

Here's Why The MDJ Mastermind Was Created

Many of us started out by simply jumping into the river, guessing and trying whatever we feel may work and over the years we've been burnt by our mistakes, hunted by our past and we still struggle with clarity.

Enjoying average levels of success isn't enough to get you to your dream life, only enough to survive.

Access to tested and proven strategies that can rapidly scale your results, get you to your dream life at a much faster pace and with less stress gives you clarity.

Clarity on what to do, how to do, when to do and the possible results gives you a lot more confidence to grow your business the way you desire.

The road to entrepreneurship is lonely as they say, but it doesn't have to be so, you don't need to struggle to figure things out all my yourself.

Being in the mastermind gives you access to like-minded individuals, who share similar experiences, goals, desires and values, you get to build mutually beneficial relationships and long lasting connections

Be with your tribe of people who understand how you think and give you the push and support you need.

When you have a small group of people you can share you raw thoughts and ideas to get practical feedback you can implement gives you a major advantage.

Even If Right Now, You Don't Feel Ready To Take The Leap You Need...

It's OK.

We all have those moments that tend to hold ourselves back from doing what we know needs to be done...and that's why I created the MDJ Mastermind: a group of high achieving entrepreneurs who do nothing but champion you to the finish line!!

You Become A Part of The Mastermind Family

A Family of Passion Driven Entrepreneurs Dedicated to Working Hard Together and Shaping Their Best Selves

Study, Execute & Get Results

You get to become a part of the Mastermind Family, a family of entrepreneurs who are obsessed with getting results, bagging wins, completing milestones and supporting each other.

We are deliberate about creating the lives we truly desire by learning industry secrets, practical strategies and principles that are tested and proven to produce results.

Here are some of the key areas we cover in the mastermind;

  • ​Personal & Business Brands, Branding Positioning
  • ​Business Processes, Operations & Management
  • ​​Marketing, Customer Acquisition & Sales
  • ​​Building Systems, Automations & Growth Hacking
  • Funding, Capital, Revenue Generation & Investments

Your Core Mastermind Benefits

You Get To Build Solid Brick Walls Around Your Business Foundation and Turn It Into Your Legacy

Here's a highlight of some of the core benefits youget when you join the MDJ Mastermind, You can get a good picture of your experience when you are part of the Mastermind

Weekly Group Coaching

You Get Access To Laser-focused Coaching every week, designed to drill down on specific topics, strategies and principles to help you draw closer to your goals.
You get to ask your pressing questions and get answers every single week driving you closer to your desired results

Accountability Calls & Partners

The Weekly Accountabilitiy calls are designed to help keep you in check and accountable to your goals and targets, everything you learn every week is targeted towards implementation and getting results.
You get paired up with partners who follow up with you, provide the needed support and to ensure you're making progress every week.

Peer-to-Peer Networking

The value you get out of the network of individuals is indeed priceless, the connections and relationships you build hold great potential beyond the primary focus of the mastermind, take advantage of it.
We highly encourage affiliations, collaborations and partnerships amongst members of the mastermind towards getting greater results for your businesses.

SOP's, Templates & Business Tools

You CANNOT scale your business efficiently without setting up systems and structures to handle your growth, that is why we are intentional about providing you access and recommendations to the the right tools and systems you may need to scale your business.
We provide you already designed templates, SOPs and other tools we currently use to scale, you simply customize and use for your business.

Dedicated Support

You get access to highly skilled professionals and industry experts who are readiliy available to provide you the support you may need as you progress.
You also get access to our trained support team to help you get the best out of your experience.

Lots of Amazing Perks Bonuses

We take great pride in OVER DELIVERING, this is where we over deliver for you, we give you access to lots of amazing bonuses and perks to help you truly maximize your experience.
We continue to add special bonuses as we progress together, all tailored towards giving you the best results.

MDJ Mastermind

Get the Step-by-Step Shortcut To Achieving True Business Success!

  • No more guesswork
  • No more starting and stopping
  • No more feeling alone or being by yourself wondering what you're doing wrong
  • ​And no morestruggling in the same phase growth phase, or wondering when things would get better.

Now Is Your Opportunity To Unlock Your Potential & Create Your Vision

This is your path

So when I say,

This Is Your Faster Path and Shortcut To Achieving Your Goals and Building The Life Your Truly Desire

I Really Mean It!

It took me over 10 years of struggle, going broke and eventually losing everything plus 2 years of testing NUMEROUS other paths, theories and practical strategies.

Now you can leverage the collective experiences of the high achieving entrepreneurs who have paid the price to be where they are, know what they know and have what they have.

I am literally giving you the opportunity I wish I had 5 - 10 years ago, the tools and the resources too.

All you need to do is to take the small step today...and apply to join the MDJ Mastermind today!

DISCLAIMER: We do not believe in "get rich schemes" we simply offer information and educational materials to help you understand your business and serve your customers, we do not guarantee your results and earnings, they can only be determined by your hard work, discipline and personal circumstances.

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